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mark allen hanrahan scholarship studentMark Hanrahan (Mark Allen Hanrahan) is offering the scholarship program to students that are starting their post-secondary education in the United States. Furthermore, 5 scholarships, each valued at $1,000 are offered to students that meet the following criteria.

Mark Allen Hanrahan Scholarship Application Criteria

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications.

Melinda and Mark Hanrahan (Mark Allen Hanrahan) will be responsible for selecting the three successful candidates. In addition, they will make the selection based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant explains why he/she wants to get into post-secondary education
  • The applicant demonstrates passion as well as determination for their chosen field of study
  • How the applicant plans to make a difference in his/her chosen field of study
  • The applicant explains the importance of his/her field of study in today’s society

If you meet the criteria, use the following form to apply for the scholarship!